About Us

About our company

Based in  Northern Va,  Smooth Move Managers is a boutique, woman-owned senior move management company dedicated to providing senior citizens the help they need before, during and  after their move.  We provide a cheerful attitude, personalized attention, and several years of organizational experience. 

Our goals are to help clients live happily with less clutter in a well organized home or to transition senior citizens from their current home to their new residence with ease, efficiency, and gentleness.  

How we are unique

Smooth Move Managers believes that EVERY client, whether aging in place or planning to move, deserves specialized attention.  If and when you move into your new home, it will feel and look like home: clean sheets on the bed, freshly laundered towels in the bathroom, and dishes in the kitchen cabinets.  The new home's floor plan will be as similar as possible to your previous home.

If you decide to age in place your residence will be safer and more comfortable because you would have removed the clutter.  We can help you determine what items are most treasured in order to bring peace to your home.

We pride ourselves in providing a stress-free transition whether you are moving to an assisted living facility, a new home, or aging in place.

About Adele


Adele's passion

As the adult child of elderly parents who have moved four times in the past 25 years, Adele is intimately aware of how stressful and disorienting moves can be for senior citizens.  As a result, she puts her clients' needs first and does her  utmost to ensure that they are comfortable with every step of the process.


Adele is a trained senior move manager, a member of the National Association of Move Managers (NASMM), and has worked for two separate Northern Virginia senior move management companies before branching out on her own.

Background in dispute mediation

She was also a dispute mediator for seven years, which taught her how to successfully handle sensitive interactions with siblings, adult children, and others.

What is Adele's goal?

"My goal is to make you feel less overwhelmed.  When I leave your home, you should feel lighter, as if a weight has been lifted from your shoulders."

"As a senior move manager, I see my job as being reassuring, supportive, and firm in the decision making process regarding my clients' belongings. "