Services Offered


Organization and Moving Services:

  • Organize, sort, pack, and clearly label your belongings prior to a move

  • Help distribute unwanted items with sensitivity and efficiency

  • Aid in managing contributions to charitable organizations

  • Identify appropriate antique and/or consignment stores and arrange for transfer of the items you wish to sell

  • Draft a floor plan for your new home

  • Arrange for and supervise movers, unpack your belongings and help you get settled in your new home!


 Whether it is a storage room, garage or pantry, we are all guilty of sometimes letting things gets out of control.  It is easy to ignore a mess when we have such busy lives.   Close the door.  The mess disappears.  This is where I can help!  I am solid and compassionate, in encouraging people to discard items they no longer need.  In just a few hours we can literally transform a room from scary to sensational! 

Holiday Hassle?

 Are you hosting an extended family dinner?  Relatives coming to stay for the holidays?  Has your guest room become a dumping ground?  No worries.  I specialize in getting rooms ready for guests and cleaning and organizing pantries!  

Inherited Items?

 Can't say no?  It is not unusual.  We all attach memories to "things."  However, our parents' taste is frequently not our own.  You can repurpose, donate or sell unwanted items.  Let me help.